Eldest of the Gods

The Beginning of the End - Alexandros

Ros had spent the last eight months roaming the wild untamed wilderness western of North America. Artemis, his aunt, had spared no opportunity to instruct and challenge Ros, determined that he would be ready when the time came.

Artemis, being so closely tied to the moon, trained Ros almost exclusively between dusk and dawn. By night Artemis taught Ros to move in the shadows, to track and evade, to strike at the opportune moment, to essentially be a true hunter. By day Ros was often left to his own devices which for the most part included sleeping and eating, although on occassion Artemis would give him challenges to complete while she was away. Ros had a couple of hours left, until dusk, to complete his most recent challenge. Artemis had led Ros to a clearing just before dawn and told him that a buck had passed through this clear three days previous and Ros had until dusk to find the buck and end the hunt. She handed Ros a hunting knife and bid him luck, then vanished behind a tree.

In the waning daylight, Ros finally spied his buck and crept downwind from tree to tree, not making a sound. The buck, busy rubbing its magnificent antlers on a tree trunk, did not notice Ros’ silent approach. Ros stood five feet from the buck, his hunting knife in hand awaiting the perfect moment, the shadows growing steadily taller. Ros had gathered his legs beneath him to spring from concealment when a blazing light leapt from the trees to his left. The buck, startled by the sudden, bright light, sprang away from Ros’ hiding place seeking a place to hide.

Allan stepped from between two trees shining like the Sun itself. “There you are son, I’m very glad to see you’re well. The twins and your mother and I miss you terribly. I wish you never had to live this life, and you could avoid… well, regardless of the life I wish for you, here you are. Terrible things are happening Alexandros, and I need your help”.

● ● ●


Ros’ mind was racing. He was in the middle of his training with Artemis but believed his father would not interrupt without a good reason. Ros also missed his family more than he was willing to admit, especially the twins.

He looked to his father and said “I will assist you as I can father, though I may have to stop short if my aunt says so. I have learned much since we parted.” What Ros didn’t say was that if his family was in danger he would help them in any way, no matter what.


Allan smiled at his son and shook his head slightly in amusement, “Ros my boy, always so serious. Don’t you worry about your Aunt, let me deal with her if she has a problem. Besides, I think she knows that it’s your time too. Why do you think she gave you a sword today?”


Ros looked at his father, chuckled and smiled back “That’s me father, always serious! Mom always said the same thing. Lead on father, I am ready to assist.”



“Ros, you were too busy thinking of what your Aunt will think of all of this to really listen to me, weren’t you? What weapon did you have in your possession last night? None of course. What did I just now say that your Aunt gave to you before she left? I said ‘sword’. Yet, I see you holding a simple hunting knife. Why would I tell you that you were given a sword when you were in fact given a knife?”

Allan paused for a moment, looking at Ros and allowing his words to sink in. “Ros, your Aunt is a goddess and can do many things. Artemis laid a simple glamour on a sword, to make it appear as a knife. Focus on the knife Alexandros, pour you will into it, force it to reveal its nature!”


Ros looked down at the sword, back up at his father and down again to his sword. He started to concentrate on the sword, but didn’t see anything happening. He was still holding a simple hunting knife.

Still looking down at the sword he said “Dad…I don’t see..” He saw the knife shimmer and he was suddenly holding a magnificent sword. “Remind me to thank aunt Artemis when I see her next father” he said while still staring at the sword.


Allan smiled at his son, “Never forget Ros, when the gods are involved, things are not always as they appear.”

“And, as your Aunt Artemis and I are twins, it is appropriate that I provide you with your sword’s twin,” pulling a sword out of the air he tossed it to Ros, who deftly snatched it from the air. In Ros’ hand it felt identical to the sword his aunt had given him. Artemis’ sword was pale silver in colour, like the colour of a full moon, while the sword his father had given him was a blazing golden hue, fitting from a sun god.

Seeing his son wrapped up in examining his new weapons, Allan said, “C’mon Ros, we have somewhere to be, and soon, so we’ll take my chariot.” As he said this, Apollo’s golden chariot came streaking from the sky at an incredible speed.

“Climb on Ros, we can talk about your weapons on the way. Events of great import are about to take place, and unfortunately, you will find yourself at the centre of it all.”

Ros and Allan climbed on the flaming chariot as it launched into the sky.


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